A feature rich omnichannel program that will wow you

Omni loyalty, payment, coupons, campaigns and more, and it's real easy

Integrate online and offline

One payment method across offline & online
One payment method that enables mobile wallet payment, debit and credit cards too

Unified customer database
One customer database across all channels Track customer purchase no matter where he shopped

Same loyalty program across both channels
Reward all customers with same rules Points redeemable both online and offline

Cross promote your channels
Send online promotional to offline customers and vice versa Increase brand engagement across the board

Launch unified marketing campaigns
Create and execute campaigns for all customers Segment data and campaigns anyway you want

Advanced analytics & insights
Identify, reward, track and influence each and every customer across all channels

Omni channel : New opportunities for outlets with Momark

Drive More Customers

Send offers from nearby stores to customers who have purchased online

Send online coupons to customers who have bought at a retail store

Track coupon usage and conversion rates to increase repeat business.

Increase Customer Ease

Reward points can be redeemed both online and offline

Customers can check their points from a mobile app

Track item preferences and send special deals on online purchases

Personalize Customer Experience

Offline store cashiers can see customer history and offer special treatment

Additional discount coupons to highest shopping customers