Consumer Benefits

Your mobile is your new loyalty card and the only loyalty card you'll need!

Are you fed up of carrying multiple reward cards in your pocket? Do you wish there was a better way to earn and track your reward points? MoMark Rewards presents a novel mobile based loyalty rewards management program. Our mobile app allows you to search affiliate restaurants, lifestyle stores, chemists, salons, spas & more, find exclusive deals & discounts, earn & redeem reward points, on your spends. The app uses your mobile as your loyalty card and is acceptable across merchants. Forget the hassle of carrying the loyalty cards; your mobile is your new loyalty card. We don't wish to add to the bundle!

All you had wished for is just a tap away that too on your mobile

Search for merchants with exclusive deals and discounts around you on your mobile anytime, anywhere!

At 1 pm in your office you decide with your friends to go out for a quick lunch... tap on search icon and look for restaurants near your….tap on deals and learn about the best deal available … check for cuisines , check for menu if you want ... tap on call button and call the restaurant to book your table …. Tap & check the route and take off!

Add to this lifestyle stores, chemists, salons, spas, car service centers & more and you have an eco system of merchants offering you rewards, deals and discounts on your spends.

Manage your rewards & enjoy huge savings

Earn & Redeem instantly, track your points any time and redeem accordingly. Everytime you visit and spend at a Momark Associate Merchant, quote your mobile number before billing & Earn Rewards on your bill. An SMS alert updates you on your points earned, instantly!

My Account feature provides instant details on reward points accumulated for all merchants & respective threshold to redeem, you don't have to wait for monthly statements, just tap & check. Redeeming is as easy, tap on redeem button... a voucher code is sent as an SMS to you instantly... quote the voucher code at the restaurant and get your rewards. Transparent, easy and quick. Never miss your rewards as you always carry your mobile with you!

Mobile Loyalty card

Interactive | Informative |Convenient

A single registration makes you a member of all Momark Associate Merchants

You always carry your Mobile phone

In a single view, you instantly get account details regarding remaining points, etc. for all merchants, anytime you wish.

Mobile loyalty card has complete transparency in terms of number of points accumulated and redeemed.

Plastic card

Drab| Boring |Old fashioned

Separate Registration for every merchant.

You usually tend to forget carrying loyalty cards

You have to wait for monthly statements to know your account status or visit each merchant individually or wait for their SMS or e-mail.

Plastic cards do not grant transparency satisfaction.