How it works

How it works

SMS Loyalty Program, Business Loyalty Program

retailer loyalty program

Know- Create customer database

•Captures consumer data at the most critical point – point of sale

•Sends instant SMS for brand recall and a deeper connect

•Creates a database for marketing campaigns later

•Helps identify valuable customers for preferential treatment

Momark Rewards needs no software integration and works easily with all billing systems. It creates a central database that can be used for marketing campaigns. In case you have multiple outlets, you can view all your outlets data separately.

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Connect -Create campaigns and connect

•Send automatic transactional SMS, in app notifications, coupons & more

•Inform customers about any upcoming sales & events

•View customer data any way you want from an easy to use dashboard

•See birthdays, anniversary, shopping pattern of every customer

•Create campaigns around birthdays, corporate offers & redemptions etc

•Market to individuals or customer groups as per your requirement

Momark Rewards helps you in establishing connect with your customers increases brand recall and reinforces brand value. Create campaigns to suit your goals and sales cycles.

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Reward -Launch coupons and reward points

•Disburses loyalty points on billing based on your terms and conditions

•Distribute coupons based on visits, billing amounts etc

•Utilize loyalty and coupon programs to achieve short and long term goals

•Send reminders to entice customers to come back and redeem points

Momark Rewards creates a privilege club to reward existing customers and bring in new ones. The rewards also boost your repeat sales more effectively than any other marketing method.

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Retain -Boost repeat visits everyday

• Build a customer base of dedicated shoppers

• Engage new customers via engagement tools to bring them back

• Identify privileged customers and extend preferential treatment

Momark Rewards brings down your marketing costs and helps increase sales from the existing customer base without any additional expenditure.

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