mobile loyalty programs

Loosing Customers Because of Cash?

Momark is the Complete Solution FOR YOU.

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mobile loyalty programs

The most powerful omnichannel suite

Identify, engage and reward all your customers as they move between your sales channels.

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mobile loyalty programs

Empowering offline retailers

Customer engagement tools, data insights and marketing modules, all on the cloud

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mobile loyalty programs

All mobile wallet payments in one

For the first time, offline merchants can accept mobile payments with ease

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mobile loyalty program India

Enabling customer benefits

Loyalty points, coupons, personalised offers from outlets in the neighbourhood

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custom loyalty program, mobile app interface

Building offline retail ecosystems

Changing the way offline merchants and customers transact, interact and engage

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Identify, reward and connect to bring your customers back, again and again

MoMark Rewards is a unique customer engagement solution that helps you establish your brand and grow repeat business.

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What MoMark Does

The Momark Rewards Suite for Retailers

Mobile wallet payments now at offline stores

Now, for the first time, offline stores as well as ebusinesses can accept payments from any mobile wallet with ease. A single installation, an easy interface and minimal cost too.


Creates customer database

Momark automatically captures transactions at the most important customer touch point - Point of Sale. This helps in identifying customers, disbursing loyalty points and creating more effective marketing campaigns.


Custom loyalty program

Now, even small retailers can launch his own loyalty program with ease. Momark brings an advanced mobile app based program for customers. Merchants can create their own points structure, set redemption etc.


Easy to use CMS

Manage listing, offers, reward program, menu and every other detail from a simplistic CMS backend that requires no additional skills or manpower. Retailers can also send SMSes to all customers from the same interface.

Digital coupon program

Retailers can now create and push their own coupons as and when they want. Unique coupon codes, extensive range of programs and a simple interface for merchants to completely control their program from.

Mobile app interface

M-enablement for everyone. Retailers can push coupons, disburse reward points and control their own listing – offers, events, menu, facilities and more. Customers can enjoy cardless loyalty and connect via the app.


Insights and analytics

that big brands spend millions to get – most valued customers, visit frequency, billing and item preferences etc. From personalised treatment to more effective marketing, it’s all possible.

An omnichannel solution
that's truly seamless






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We at MoMark understand what is important to you - Acquiring & Retaining customers. An effective loyalty program is a proven method to attract, engage & retain consumers. Our mobile rewards solution enables you to deploy your reward program quickly so you can delight your customers & convert a casual visit into a pleasant long term association. With the help of our strong analytics engine, we provide you invaluable customer insights to target your customers and make'em come back again..and again... and again..

Attract, Engage & Retain your customers to grow!


Tired of carrying multiple reward cards? Do you wish there was a better way to earn and track your reward points ?What if all your loyalty cards lie in your mobile phone. We don't wish to add to the bundle! Momark Rewards presents a novel mobile based loyalty rewards management program. Our mobile app allows you to search affiliate restaurants, find exclusive deals & discounts, earn & redeem reward points on your spends. The app uses your mobile as your loyalty card and is acceptable across merchants.
Your mobile is your new loyalty card and the only loyalty card you will ever need!


Momark is a mobile based marketing solution company. On one hand we help merchants Attract, engage & retain customers and on the other, we provide customers with complete convenience of searching for merchants, exclusive deals & discounts. We enable Consumers to earn and redeem reward points with the ease of a single tap on their mobile. Our leading edge technology and strong analytics engine gives you access to actionable data and analytics about your establishment and your customer.
We provide unparalleled insights on consumer behavior and spending patterns!

Get Your Own Loyalty Program In Hours


Easy installation and set up Secure online payment No technical knowledge needed On-call installation support Step-by-step guide on site


Helping more than a 100 retailers connect with their customers.