Merchant Benefits

Attract, Engage & Retain your customer to grow...Momark helps you build your own loyal customer base!

We at MoMark understand what is important to you - Acquiring & Retaining customers. An effective loyalty program is a proven method to attract, engage & retain consumers. Our mobile rewards solution enables you to deploy your reward program quickly so you can delight your customers & convert a casual visit into a pleasant long term association. With the help of our strong analytics engine, we provide you invaluable customer insights to target your customers and make 'em come back again..and again... and again..

Get started with minimal installation cost and set up time

Setting up your own loyalty program would entail: - Software cost and AMC .Plastic cards & printing cost . Up gradation cost for any changes required . at least One Manpower cost for maintenance of records and other administrative work and all these costs still do not get you a mobile app for the convenience of your customers! However, with Momark Services you get a rewards management program up and running with no upfront software costs, or expensive software license fee or any up gradation cost. Consumer’s mobile is the new loyalty card so no more plastic cards! Simply outsource your complete loyalty management and experience the benefits. Get started within a days' time. Yes that's all what it takes to setup your own unique rewards' program. Just give us a day and enjoy the days that follow. We value your time!

More than just a loyalty program- We help extend your reach for one time Deals too!

With Momark services you have the flexibility to upload instant deals to attract & acquire new customers. Acquiring new customers with such ease and such low cost was never as smooth before. Imagine there is a long weekend approaching and on Wednesday morning you decide to give a deal of 15% off for the weekend to attract customers... just go to your merchant portal upload your deal and the next instant the deal is visible to not only all your registered costumers but all customers who have downloaded the MoMark App. This not only reduces your advertising and campaigning cost, it enhances your reach, goes to a more accurately targeted audience and all this, instantly!

Valuable customer insights that your business needs

It is not just the loyalty program that is effective in acquiring & retaining customers but it is how you use your customer data and an effective program based on that information is what will make you a winner! We bring precisely that expertise to your doorstep. Our business intelligence tools and analytics engine gives you access to actionable data and analytics about your establishment and your customer.

Target your best customer and make them come back

We provide technology that lets you stay ahead of the curve by targeting your customers more accurately. Optimize your business strategies with consumer behavior analytics. Offer highly targeted deals and discounts to your most valued customers and build one on one communication with them. Momark services offers merchants insights into customer purchasing behavior combined with an automated mobile marketing solution that allows you to send highly targeted offers to customers and re-acquire and reward the "Right Customer" for the business on a cost effective basis. If a regular customer who visits your establishment at least once a month doesn’t come for two months, our analytics will inform you about it & you can send him a sweet deal to make him come back again.. and again… and again… A customer visited you twice and spent approximately Rs.300 each time which means he comes alone....will it be a good idea to give him an additional discount if he gets his friend along? Sure! That is the power of technology, strong analytic engine!

Reports- increase ROI of your rewards program

Get Continuous business, improve customer loyalty, actively engage current customers, take reward actions, identify & recognize high value customers and strengthen your brand recognition. Retain an element of surprise and delight that surrounds the loyalty program experience. Our report section gives you some insights of your business at a click of a button for eg. Unique customers in a month, Repeat customers, your Top customers, Total Items Sold By Time Period , Total Sales By Time Of Day, Top 5 Selling Days, Total Redeemed Points, your customers’ birthdays’ etc, etc. This helps you take important decision to improve your loyalty program and deals!

The valuable customer feedback

Receiving immediate and accurate feedback on the service of your establishment enables you to pin point what requires improvement. This helps you to improve your brand image, service levels & hence, your sales. Our review section in the App allows the customer to give his/her feedback which is made available to you instantly.

Enhance your reach

Once our App is downloaded by your customer you become visible on their searches.

Following are our App feature visible to your customer.

Search –The consumers get information on all merchants - starting from the one closest to the farthest from their current location. ‘Momark Associate Merchant list’ comes before general listing & as an added advantage for the associate merchant, the customer can view the menu, cuisine, reviews etc.

Deals-The customers can view the deals in terms of discounts offered by Momark Associate Merchants.The customers can view the deals in terms of discounts offered by Momark Associate Merchants.

Earn Rewards –Enables a customer to click a photograph of his/her bill & send it to us if he/she forgot to mention her mobile number at the time of purchase.

My Account - Gives updated information on all reward points earned, neatly categorized according to merchants and provides one tap, instant redeeming facility.